Tuition Fees and Scholarships

Please refer to our International Student Office (SASS) for detailed and up-to-date information on fees, taxes and scholarships, also described in  this document (italian only).

Tuition Fees and Taxes

If due, tuition fees and taxes are paid in two installments: the first, in the fall, of about 500€, the second, in late spring, of about 2000€


Students from this list of countries are waved the second installment (but they do pay the first). This is true for both years of the Master.

All students can apply for a university fellowship (in 2016, the application term was December). If the application is successful, you are waved all of the tuition fee.  For the second year the success depends on your track record as a student of the Master.


The Italian government offers scholarships for foreign and IRE students.

Each year a limited number of exempted students, depending on their income, also get a fellowship issued by our university (in 2016,  the amount was about 1000€). For more information contact the International Student Office (SASS).

We plan to issue, on the MSc resources, a few additional fellowships based on merit.