Plan of Study

Each of the four tracks of our program, Business Intelligence, Health and Life Sciences, Pervasive Computing, and Visual Computing, provides a solid grounding in data science and engineering as well as a firm grasp of the domain of interest. Below you find a plan of study for each track as well as instructions on how to build your own, should you wish to obtain a Master degree on Computer Science of more traditional flavor. The area of each color-coded slice in the pie chart is proportional to the credit percentage.

Elective Units:

two units of your choice (you may be required to take Topics in Computer Science and Advanced Topics in Computer Science if your background knowledge is insufficient)

Additional Knowledge:

Additional Useful Knowledge on elements of Enterprise Culture & Skill Activities, research seminars attendance, basics of program management


Stage in the industry or in a research lab

Master Thesis:

Final Dissertation may include training with domain experts