Computer Graphics & Augmented Reality


Students will be provided with a sound grounding on theoretical and methodological fundamentals of Computer Graphics as well as Virtual and Augmented reality, which will also include elements of 3D computer vision.

In the first part of the course, students will learn the components and the architecture of a graphical system, the visualization pipeline, geometric transformations, projection, clipping, illumination, picking.

In the second part, students will get acquainted with sensation and perception notions, in particular with: artificial and biological optical systems; real and virtual images; visual coherence. 3D user interfaces. Various case studies will be included in the analysis, eg. conventional monitors, HMD, oculus, hololens, tablets or smartphones.

Students will be involved in project activities.



Francesca Odone

Francesca Odone

Associate Professor of Computer Science

Computational Vision

Fabio Solari

Fabio Solari

Assistant Professor of Computer Science

Augmented Reality

Enrico Puppo

Enrico Puppo

Professor of Computer Science

Computer Graphics

Effort Breakdown

  • Class
  • Lab
  • Project
  • Outside Preparation