2017.02.28 – 03.02  – Crash course on Digital Forensics

2017.02.28 – 03.02 – Crash course on Digital Forensics

Starting from the 28th of February, we will host a crash course on Digital Forensics, held by M. Epifani (Reality Net).
The schedule of the event is the following:

28/02 – 2.30-6.00 PM – Conference Room – Digital Evidence: an introduction
01/03 – 2.30-6.00 PM – Conference Room – Computer Forensics: an introduction
02/03 – 2.30-6.00 PM – Conference Room – Mobile Forensics: an introduction

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Crash Course on Open Data – 2017 Edition

Crash Course on Open Data – 2017 Edition

Starting from the 16th of February, we will host a crash course on Open Data and the so-called Civic Technologies. The detailed programme of the event is available here for download. The event will consists of lectures, seminars and hands-on training, following this schedule:

  • 16/02 – 2PM – Room 710 –  Open Data: Introduction (M.Ribaudo)
  • 20/02 – 9.30 AM – Conference Room – Civic Hacking (M. Napolitano, FBK, Trento)
  • 20/02 – 2.30 PM – Conference Room – Civic Tech (M. Napolitano, FBK, Trento)
  • 21/02 – 2PM – Room TBD – Open Data: Hands-on (M. Ribaudo)
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Additional Useful Knowledge – How To

Additional Useful Knowledge – How To

This is a brief recap on the Additional Useful Knowledge course. There are several type of activities:

50 hours among:

  • mini courses/seminars specifically organized for the AUK activities (see List AUK)
  • seminars (general interest, PhD, etc)
  • modules taken from our master/PhD courses (see list CSSE_PHD)
  • modules taken from other master/PhD courses (ask to the AUK tutor, check web sites, etc)

40 hours among:

  • One of more modules (16h) from Gestione Aziendale/BPM (3 modules given by 3 instructors)
  • 1 or more seminars given by personnel of the Technology Transfer Office Unige 
    • Innovative Start-up
    • innovation hub
    • meeting with start-up founders
  • 1 or more seminars from the research office Unige

If you attend BPM or acquired the credits of Gestione Aziendale in your bachelor you can select 90 hours from the other activities.

For activities outside our list, please check consistency with a member of the exam committee.

How to acquire the credits/hours:

For each activity, you need a certificate from the instructor:

  1. download the form from the AUK aulaweb module
  2.  indicate the hours spent on the activity
  3. ask the instructor to sign the module
  4. keep the original and upload a copy in the aulaweb module

As final test, we will organize presentation sessions

  1. Choose a topic that you like
  2. Check with a member of the exam committee
  3. Prepare a 20m seminar, keep 5 minutes at the beginning of the seminar for a summary of all AUK activities you have selected (prove you satisfied the minimal requirements!!)

Please refer to the AulaWeb module for a preliminary schedule for the AA 2016/2017.

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